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Using Manufacturer Oil

The Best Way to Protect the Life of Your Jet Ski

It may seem like a simple matter to choose the oil you use for your Jet Ski. After all, all you need to know is the viscosity and whether to use synthetic or conventional oil, right? Actually, that isn’t quite exactly the case. If you want to get the best performance and protect the useful life of your Jet Ski, you are better off using recommended oil. Though Jet Skis are more affordable than other types of watercraft, you would be making a huge mistake to not do everything in your power to protect your Jet Ski’s lifespan and resale value.

Why Your Oil Needs to Match Your Jet Ski’s Brand

Despite the marvels of modern engineering, you need to understand that each manufacturer’s product is in some way different from other brands. Each engine wasn’t created equally, and even though specifications like engine size and cylinder count may be the same, the engines are fundamentally different. There are countless proprietary parts that were engineered for different reasons. S81O-tuetxYL._SX425_ome were engineered for quality, some were made to be more affordable, and the physics behind engines changes with each different model.

As a company engineers a Jet Ski model, they put their prototypes and models through rigorous testing procedures to optimize its performance. As such, they understand the intricate details of why one type of oil performs better than others, and third party oil venders just haven’t done this level of research with each Jet Ski brand. A manufacturer’s focus is much more narrow and specialized than a third party oil supplier that has many types of engines in mind.

The Need for OEM Lubricants

OEM oils and lubricants have specifically been designed by the manufacturer for one sole purpose: lubricating their proprietary engines. Many people have the misconception that one type of motor oil is the same as another. However, OEM lubricants differ in the fact that they are a proprietary formula that also includes other chemicals designed to prevent wear and tear, corrosion, and mitigate the detrimental effects of the process of combustion. Furthermore, many OEM oils are actually designed to clean themselves as they circulate through an engine. Non-OEM oils typically lack this feature. A well designed OEM oil with make your engine perform better, run cleaner, and last longer than cheap third-party oil products.

The Advancement of Oil Technology and Your Warranty

These days, oil isn’t as simple as it once was. Oil and chemistry advancements have led to some top of line oil products, but some non-OEM oils lack some of the advancements that OEM oil offers. In fact, some warranties are even voided if you fail to use OEM oil. You will want to read the fine print on your warranty to make certain you understand the oil requirements for your Jet Ski, or you might suffer the consequences.

Though OEM oils can cost a little more than cheaper alternatives, they are not unreasonably priced and offer your Jet Ski significantly more protection and improved performance. A voided warranty alone is enough of a reason to use OEM oil, but maintaining your Jet Ski’s resale value and longevity are equally advantageous.